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Roof Decks (Walking Deck Membranes)

Raindrop Roofing Northwest offers walking deck membranes, the best waterproofing solution for balconies, decks, patios, built-in flower boxes and flat roofs to be used as a deck. Walking deck Membranes are a finished membrane or coating similar to linoleum or rubber which allows foot traffic and regular living use. It is to be used when the roof deck is above a space you want to keep dry and also use for expanding your living space outdoors.

Products (See links for installing recommendations)

Lifetime of product

Gaco: 50 yr. warranty on materials only (can refresh coating every 5-7 years for color and increased durability) 10 yrs.

DecTec: 60 mil – 10 yrs. labor and materials / 80 mil – 12 yrs. Labor and 20 yrs. material


  • Fire resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Cool underfoot even at high temperatures
  • Ideal for balconies & rooftop decks
  • Spreadcoat construction cannot delaminate
  • Thermal emittance: 0.87
  • Solar reflectance: 0.71
  • Meets ASTM 4434-06 / CGSB 37.54 (current)
  • UV stabilized
  • Anti microbial
  • Excellent vinyl to vinyl “weldability”
  • Internal polyester reinforcement
  • System components include pre-formed
  • Meets ADA skid-resistant standards

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