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Roof Inspections

Raindrop Roofing Northwest has over 20 years roofing expertise cultivated in Oregon and Washington’s rain, snow, wind, and sun.

Understanding local building codes and weather impact as well as roofing techniques and materials specific to our region is absolutely critical during an inspection. Roofing techniques or typical materials used in warmer climates like California or Arizona could lead to leaks, rot, or shortened roof life that a less experienced local roofer or recent transplant could miss during an inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why perform a roof inspection?

Identify roof problems while they can be repaired and before they compromise the full roof. We highly recommend roof inspections to educate both buyers and sellers about the roof’s current condition, necessary repairs, and the roof’s projected lifespan during a real estate transaction.

What do you investigate during a roof inspection?

Our inspections are tailored to look for current issues and potential problems with your roof type. We rely on our deep experience with many roof types AND a detailed inspection list to evaluate your roof’s projected life and weak points. Here are some of the key aspects we evaluate while we’re climbing on your roof:

  • What is the condition of shingles, shake, or metal roofing?
  • Are flashings working and in good condition? (Flashings prevent water from leaking between roofing materials and walls, chimneys, and skylights.)
  • Are pipe boots adequately protecting pipes and preventing leaks? How much longer will they last?
  • Is there rot? If yes, how extensive?

What will the roof inspection report contain?

  • Our findings about each facet of your roof
  • A detailed account of rot (if found) and digital photos
  • Our recommendations for necessary repairs (or total replacement)
  • A projected roof life expectancy


If you have any questions please contact us, we’re happy to help you out.

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