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Real Estate Services

The lifespan of a residential roof can be a key sticking point during a real estate transaction.

Why conduct an inspection? Our rigorous inspections give sellers an accurate picture of their roof and inform buyers about the condition of their future investment. Banks frequently require an inspection and certification that a roof will last a minimum 3 to 5 years before approving a mortgage.*

We are a respected industry authority in real estate inspections in Oregon and Washington because we have over 27 years local roofing experience. We rely on our extensive local knowledge and roofing expertise to estimate the projected lifespan of the roof in our thorough inspection reports.* On occasion, we are even asked to provide our advice and expertise on roofing questions when roofers chosen by the real estate buyers and sellers do not agree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Real Estate services do you provide?

  • Detailed residential roof inspections
  • Roof certifications for mortgages
  • Affordable roof repairs completed quickly
  • Roof replacement in a timely manner

What are Raindrop NW’s payment terms?

We charge for real estate inspections and to certify roofs for mortgages. We waive the inspection fee if we cannot certify the roof because of damage, rot, or age. If repairs need to be completed, we will waive the inspection fee if Raindrop Roofing N.W. is subsequently hired. Raindrop Roofing Northwest can arrange for inspection fees, repairs, or roof replacement to be paid through escrow.

If you have any questions please contact us, we’re happy to help you out.

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