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Green Initiatives

  • We have planted 286 trees in Honduras to offset the carbon emissions from our fleet of trucks.
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  • We have planted 43 trees in Costa Rica
  • We have restored and continue to work in a riparian zone in Costa Rica by cutting and removing vines that kill the trees and barring hunters’ access to the land.
  • In that same riparian one we are working on connecting the biological corridor from ocean to the mountains.
  • We purchase green energy from PGE monthly for all our office energy.
  • We are 99.9% paperless.
  • For asphalt shingle reroofs, we offer our clients the calculation based on ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association) of the pollution from their individual projects and a link to a site where they can offset it.
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  • We offer our residential and commercial low-slope membrane clients access to tax credits for upgrading their building envelope insulation value.
  • One of our main shingle manufacturers is Malarkey who’s 3M granule shingles absorb the equivalent of 2 trees worth of CO2 per year. The shingles include upcycled rubber, plastic and they plant trees to reach carbon neutrality.
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