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New and Replacement Roofs

Raindrop’s capable team partners with builders and developers on new or replacement commercial roof projects from design through final roof inspection. Our team has installed new roofs, replaced existing roofs, and repaired leaks on condos, housing developments, shopping malls, and commercial buildings in Oregon and Washington.

Whether you are constructing a brand new building or replacing a roof on an existing structure, we strive to protect your building and minimize business interruptions. Our team is timely and efficient. From flat, low slope roofs and to historic roofs and steep pitch roofs, we offer many roofing product choices and the necessary skills to do the job right for builders, property managers and developers.

After a roof installation, we’re also available to maintain your commercial roof and conduct regular roof inspections.

For repeat customers, we show our appreciation of their loyalty by offering rebates and incentives custom-tailored to their situation.

Real Estate Partnerships

Raindrop’s team relies on our local expertise and roofing experience to assist both buyers and sellers during commercial real estate transactions. Our team has inspected thousands of roofs, so we know what to look for when determining how long the roof will last, indoor air quality, and working with financial institutions.

Because we are a respected roofing company within our industry, Raindrop Roofing N.W. is often asked to offer advice and expertise on roofing questions when roofers chosen by commercial real estate buyers and sellers do not agree.

Certifications, Warranties and Finance

Raindrop Roofing takes pride in the work we do and the service we provide. All of our high-quality products are backed by manufacturers’ warranties, and we will work with you to maximize your roofing warranties. Additionally, we will work with you to identify any tax incentives and assist with insurance claims.

We will waive the inspection fee if the roof cannot be certified. Raindrop Roofing N.W. will also waive our inspection fee if we determine the roof needs to be repaired and we are subsequently hired. Raindrop Roofing Northwest can arrange for inspection fees, repairs, or roof replacement to be paid through escrow.

We offer warranties up to 25 years, fully backed by the manufacturer, for labor and material.

Estimates and Inspections

During an inspection, Raindrop Roofing’s thorough process identifies damage, rot, and aging materials so you can make informed decisions about repairs vs. replacement and negotiate during real estate transactions.

Our commercial roof inspections are tailored to look for current issues and potential problems with your roof type, with a keen eye to Pacific Northwest roofing issues. We rely on our deep experience AND a detailed inspection list to evaluate your roof’s projected life and weak points. After the inspection, we’ll supply you with a comprehensive inspection report and a recommended action plan and estimate to get your roof in the best shape possible.

We offer rebate programs to our loyal customers!

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